How can I prevent scratching, denting or tearing to my vinyl floor?

To begin with, be sure to keep dust and dirt off of your floor when possible. This means frequent sweeping or vacuuming. But be careful; vacuum cleaners with a beater bar can scratch the surface of your flooring, as can scrub brushes. To further prevent scratches and tears, be sure to use felt pads on the bottom of furniture and invest in carpets or throw rugs designed specifically for vinyl floors.

Can I replace damaged vinyl tiles?

Yes, you can! We recommend that when purchasing vinyl tile, you buy a few extra tiles that can be used as replacements in the future. You can remove damaged flooring tiles by heating them with a hair dryer and scoring with a utility knife. Once you’ve done that, use a putty knife to pry out the tile and scrape residues from the floor. Finally, simply place the new tile in where you removed the old one. If you have more detailed questions, please feel free to contact us.