At EF Marburger Fine Flooring, we offer a wide array of carpets from the leading carpet brands. Whether you’re looking for a high-end patterned carpet for a formal area or a solid colored textured saxony for a high traffic area we have one of the best selections of styles and colors you will find in the Indianapolis area and at affordable prices.

Why choose carpet?

Carpet offers exceptional advantages, including:

  • Comfort – Nothing beats the softness of carpet flooring.
  • Durability – Quality carpets with the right care can last for many years.
  • Variety – With its large selection of colors, textures and patterns, carpeting can be tailored to complement any décor.
  • Safety – As a non-slick surface, carpet flooring puts safety first.
  • Noise reduction – Carpet reduces echoes and noise to lower levels of the home.

Pets? Kids?

Ask us about products we carry that have a combination of permanent built in stain protection with superior durability and surprising softness. Did we mention it has a lifetime stain warranty?

The Process

Before your purchase…

Here are a few other things to know or consider before, during, and after your flooring purchase.

When you go to the store, feel free to bring fabric samples, pillows, paint swatches, carpet cushions, or bedspreads. Don’t be embarrassed to bring whatever you need to help you make the choice.

Your flooring installation shouldn’t be scheduled until all your painting, wallpapering, or construction is complete. Your flooring should be the last element of your remodeling project.

Check the sample in your home, and be sure to check it during the day and at night. The lighting in the store could give you a completely different look than you’ll find at home. Also, look at the sample on the floor, not just at eye level.

During the purchase…

At the time of your purchase, a qualified “estimator” will come to your home to measure exactly how much flooring you will need. After that, make sure your cost estimates include everything, including padding, moving furniture and installation.

If you are interested in where the carpet seams will be, feel free to discuss it with the sales associate before purchase.

We suggest that you make notations on your flooring purchase while it’s still on your mind and store it with your warranty information. Things that you may want to keep a record of are:

  • Date of Purchase
  • Phone Number
  • Salesperson
  • Brand Name
  • Style Name and Number
  • Color Name and Number
  • Type of Carpet Fiber
  • Carpet Fiber Producer
  • Date of Installation
  • Warranties
  • Carpet Padding Type
  • Carpet Padding Producer

After the purchase…

Either the night before or the morning of your installation, vacuum the old carpet to minimize the airborne dust and particles that removing it will cause.

Make sure you get what you ordered. Save your flooring sample. When the installer arrives, match the sample to the new floor. Verify the color, style, and texture. If it’s not what you ordered, it’s easier for everyone if you catch it immediately.

Ventilate the room well during installation — open doors & windows.

Make sure to request warranty information and read immediately after installing carpet so you are well educated on the proper care of your carpet.