Design for the New Year – 3D Wall Panels

Reminiscent of the wood paneling trend of the 1970’s, 3D Wall Panels can instantly modernize any commercial space or bring an architectural element to your home. Sometimes referred to as wall cladding, wall panels can easily make a statement in varying types of interior décor styles, from rustic chic to modular. While blank painted walls are a near necessity in every space, adding a touch of character with panels brings a high style design element with minimal effort.

Applications and Maintenance

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One of the most versatile and fluid design elements, wall panels can be placed in nearly any commercial or residential space. Demand for 3D wall paneling in commercial spaces, such as offices and hotels, is increasing, as the product delivers high design at a reasonable price and has a relatively simple installation. As a bonus, maintenance and upkeep of the panels is minimal, requiring only a light dusting or wash with soap and water.



Gypsum panels are manufactured by pouring a mixture of the soft sulfate mineral into silicone molds, creating various patterns and textures. One of the most popular panel types, Gypsum can be molded into nearly any shape, giving customers full creative control of the look they seek in their space. When installed properly, Gypsum 3D Wall Panels create a seamless accent wall that draws the eye, covering up any cosmetic imperfections along the way.


Wood wall panels are some of the most popular 3D panels on the market as they can blend easily into many different décor and architecture styles. Wood wall paneling comes in several species and can be used to create dramatic lighting in a variety of settings. Whether you are furnishing a bold statement wall in an entryway or plan on creating a stylish waiting room for an office, wood paneling is a good solution for high design with minimal effort.


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One of the highlights of PVC paneling is its affordability and ability to be painted. This product is perfect for a weekend project—high quality, low price, and easy installation. After placing the adhesive liberally on the back of the tile that is flat, merely press the product onto the wall and let cure. That’s it! Being that it is extremely durable, PVC 3D Paneling is ideal for high traffic commercial or residential areas, such as the under hangs of bar tops or the inside of cubbies.

Durable and High Design

Available in dozens of different colors, patterns, textures, and materials, 3D wall panels are a terrific addition to commercial and residential interiors. With many designed for easy installation, wood panels are perfect for homeowners and businesses looking to spruce up their space without breaking their budget on high installation costs.