From Silver to Brass and Brushed Gold

When thinking back to the interior design trends of the 80’s, there are a few staples that stick out above all else: glass blocks, vertical blinds, teal carpeting, and— most notably—brass. This metallic quickly faded out during the late 90’s, leaving room for stainless steel and bronze to fill in the gaps where brass once stood. Most recently, however, there has been a surge of homeowners looking to dive back into the nostalgic trend, with the updated, matte, and vintage gold styles that have flooded the market. From offbeat cabinet hardware to unconventional coffee tables, the new-age brass and brushed gold trend is something to watch when designing or updating your home.

Gold is a multifaceted metal. It can be used to bring out rich tones in a black and white space or complement a pop of color, such as turquoise cabinets or a forest green kitchen island. Working as a neutral, brass can be mixed with other metals as well, pulling warm tones into a space that may be otherwise cool with brushed nickel or chrome accents. Hardwood and tile are two flooring materials that mesh well with the unique metal, allowing for a more natural or industrial note. Adding layers of color and gold gives depth to a room, making it inviting and current if paired with the right flooring and countertops.

Being that gold is so versatile, coordinating the metal to fit your home is relatively simple. For people with a more classic taste, marble countertops paired with light flooring and a touch of brushed gold can update any powder room to glamorous perfection at low cost. Brass hardware on newly stained cabinets with a butcher block island gives any dated kitchen a natural, earthy feel. The options are limitless, but the jump from one metal theme to another can sometimes be a daunting task.

Start small with gold figurines, candleholders, or knickknacks, and slowly introduce those into your home. These pieces are easily swapped in and out, giving you a sample of the impact of the metal in your space. From there, slowly move up, incorporating brass or brushed gold into smaller rooms such as your powder room by replacing more substantial hardware such as towel holders or knobs. This allows you to envision what gold may look like in your entire home, making the plunge less intimidating!