Hardwood Flooring Textures

Texture is a great way to enhance the character of your home. Choosing the right hardwood floor texture and color is essential to the overall design of your space, whether you’re renovating your powder room or making the switch from carpet to hardwood in the living area. There are five main hardwood textures that can help set the tone for your desired look: smooth, distressed, wire brushed, hand scraped, and heavy scraped.


This sleek style has very minimal ridging and highlights the grain of the wood itself. One of the most popular wood flooring options, smooth gives flooring a satiny finish that is perfect for any space but is especially fitting for modern or minimalistic designs. With the lack of heavy texture, smooth hardwood tends to highlight dents and scrapes more so than the other texture styles, therefore it is best suited for low traffic areas.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, distressed hardwood gives the charm of a floor that is antiqued without the years of wear. This style gives any room a sense of history and depth. Perfect for more rustic or industrial styles, distressed gives any room character and warmth with the bonus of masking any potential dings or mishaps.

Wire Brushed

If you are looking for a more traditional style, wire brushed is the perfect choice. Created by scraping the surface of the wood with metal bristles, this technique brings out the natural grain and creates a harder surface that can withstand everyday living. The groves and elongated pattern create interest that stands out above hand scraped yet is more subdued than distressed.

Hand Scraped

This texture, while slightly less uniform than wire brushed, tends to camouflage any wear and tear on the floor itself. Despite a more textured surface, hand scraped does not collect more dirt or dust than a traditional smooth hardwood and cleaning is relatively easy. Hand scraped allows for an aged texture that gives a more natural look and is easily combined with several different styles.

Heavy Scraped

Heavy scraped is the definition of texture. This style varies from plank to plank and is either scraped by hand or machine, made to appear old-world. The grooves woven throughout the planks allows for increased visual interest, especially in larger spaces. Heavy scraped is perfect for the high traffic areas of the home such as the living room, blending in any marks or scratches naturally and extending the life of your floor.

Whichever floor you are researching, make sure to check out different samples for your space to see which looks best in various lighting. It is important to note that with some textures of hardwood, not all samples are going to be identical to the plank. Happy shopping!