In Sales We Trust

The increase of online sales is proof that some products can basically sell themselves. Plus the additional information and product reviews that are available online can help guide the consumer down the right path. These websites are ideal for items such as outdoor lanterns, Belgium waffle makers, futons, etc. However when it comes to a major purchase, such as flooring for your home, one might want a trusted salesperson.

Now it is apparent that not all sales people are created equal. We have all been to a store before and have been attacked by a pushy salesperson. Our only line of defense is to run away. However, if it is a good salesperson that knows their products and services then we are saved. The trick is to make sure it is a good sales person, otherwise it is a waste of everyone’s time.

The salesperson should first ask questions about what type of flooring the clients are exploring, what areas of the house are being remodeled, and what types of benefits are expected from the new flooring. The salesperson should have a wide base of knowledge and experience on all types of flooring. They should outline the pros and cons of different styles with regards to the consumer’s budget. They should answer questions without overloading the customer on technical information that is not necessarily relevant. Mr and Mrs Smith think they want solid hardwood flooring in their new laundry room/mudroom. The salesperson should educate the Smiths on the benefits of engineered hardwood or an even better choice would be waterproof luxury vinyl plank or porcelain tile. They should listen to the customers concerns and address possible solutions. The salesperson should be most concerned with what would be best for Mr and Mrs Smith, and not how big the purchase price is going to be. Salespeople are usually a trusted source for information. They have been trained by manufacturer representatives on these products, they have seen these products being installed, and they have received feedback from the consumer after the installation. They know which products have worked in certain areas and which have failed. They know what types of flooring are best for certain lifestyles versus others. For example a family of five with two great danes and two cats will require a different flooring than a retired couple with no pets. The trusted salesperson will make sure it is the right choice for the customer’s needs. We should not give up on salespeople. They are our personal educated advisers throughout the sale and long afterwards. Visit EF Marburger Fine Flooring and put our salespeople to the test!