Up For Sale

Spring is a perfect time for putting your house on the market if you are thinking about moving.

The flowers are in bloom and your lawn is coming back to life. Here is how to refresh the interior:

  • -Replace old worn out carpet. Most people do not want to live on other people’s carpet. Just like paint, they want a fresh clean neutral look. Consider warm grays, taupes, or creams for the majority of the areas. Choose a soft plush or a subtle cut loop pattern.
  • Have your grout professionally cleaned. It is amazing how it can transform the look of the tile. Replacing the caulk in bathroom showers can also rejuvenate an old shower.
  • Most people look at the master bathroom and kitchen when selecting a house so spend the most time and money in these areas. Replace your old tired foggy shower door with
  • a new clear frame-less one. Change out carpet or vinyl in a bathroom with porcelain tile. Add a backsplash to your kitchen using plain subway tile in ceramic or glass for neutrality.
  • If your main level is the old narrow solid oak hardwood floors, consider switching it out for an updated wide distressed engineered hardwood floor. The wider boards are here to stay and this is what the majority of homeowners are buying. Replace old area rugs with new fresh ones that add a pop of color.


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