Wrapping Up The Holidays

After the family leaves and the tree is taken down…your house is left looking a little worn out.

Spruce up with these helpful tips…

  • Call a professional carpet cleaner and rejuvenate your soiled carpet. Opt for a deodorizer to freshen it up after family and pets have been cooped up in the cold weather.
  • Clean with vinegar! Vinegar and water will clean countertops, stainless steel, appliances, grout, and shower doors.
  • Buy Bona hardwood cleaner. When used with a dry mop, this product will erase the salt, snow, and paw prints.
  • Purge the presents. Don’t hang on to that sweater that is unwanted and nonreturnable. Donate! This will allow more living space and will encourage you to keep your house clean.
  • Go shopping! If you have a little holiday money left, use it to enhance your home. Need a fresh coat of paint or a new room of carpet? Nothing adds more value to your home than improving the looks of it.

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