How long will ceramic tile last?

If installed properly and maintained, ceramic tiles can last many, many years. There are slight differences in the durability of different kinds of tile. Glazed tiles will wear more easily than unglazed tiles and porcelain tiles will last longer than other ceramic tiles.

How do I know if my grout joints need to be resealed?

If you place a few drops of water on your grout and it beads up, your sealer should be fine. If your water absorbs into the grout, you will need to reseal it.

How should I clean my ceramic tile?

Ceramic tile floors are incredibly easy to maintain. You should sweep or vacuum regularly and mop them according to manufacturer recommendations. Grout should also be cleaned periodically, though some build-up and fading in color is inevitable. If your grout lines are dirty or have changed color, contact us to ask about how to restore them to their original color.