Which wood would I buy?

With the growing popularity of hardwood flooring comes the increasing confusion regarding the right type of hardwood for your home. There are now so many choices available that selecting the perfect wood floor has become challenging. There are several different types of species, stains, finishes, thicknesses, widths, and treatments that can make any homeowner want to postpone their flooring project.

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Shaw 50-Year Anniversary Sale

Shaw Floors is celebrating its 50-Year Anniversary with a big sale, so it’s a great time for you to shop! From April 1st through May 15th, get savings up to $1,000 on select Shaw Floors and 24-months special financing if credit-approved. Get your gorgeous new floors for less! Come in and ask any of our Project Managers.


Up For Sale

Spring is a perfect time for putting your house on the market if you are thinking about moving.

The flowers are in bloom and your lawn is coming back to life. Here is how to refresh the interior:

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Backsplash On The Back Burner

We have just what you need to get your backsplash selected and installed.

Backsplashes can be one of the most challenging remodeling projects that homeowners have to finalize. It is often the last ingredient to completing your beautiful kitchen remodel. It needs to complement the cabinets, the countertop, the flooring, the paint, and the appliances. Plus there are thousands of choices out there that can make a relatively simple task turn into a recipe for disaster. Choosing the wrong backsplash can spoil a beautiful kitchen and can turn into a kitchen nightmare.

When selecting a backsplash, bring your kitchen components with you. Cabinet and countertop samples and paint swatches will help tremendously. Also, bring a picture of your kitchen. That will help our designers get a feel for what is involved. Come prepared with some ideas of what you want your backsplash to feel like. Sleek and modern, traditional and cozy, old world rustic? If you have a small kitchen look at glass or metals that will bring a reflective quality to the room. This will make it appear larger. If it is a larger kitchen, you can add more pattern or different shapes. Also, decide if you want your backsplash to be the focal point or just fade into the background. A common mistake is for homeowners to think their countertop is too busy for a unique backsplash. While this can be true, even a busy countertop can be paired with an interesting product if they coordinate. While white subway tile is classy and timeless, perhaps try something a little more exciting. After all, the backsplash is the jewelry of the kitchen. The materials for backsplash, whether it is glass, stone, or ceramic fluctuate in price similar to jewelry. Deciding what you want to spend on your backsplash can help narrow down selections.

Do not try to install it on your own unless you are a professional tile installer. There are a lot of intricate cuts around outlets, windows, cabinets that require skill. In addition, many of the types of tile that are installed on backspashes are very difficult to cut. Certain types of glass require certain tools or the glass will chip or shatter. Let the professional handle that last step.


Staff Spotlight – John Wendt

John Wendt

John has been in the flooring industry for 26 years. Over this time he has earned the respect of clients, employers & fellow employees. He strive to achieve total customer satisfaction on all aspects of the project with a focus of being in budget, delivered on time and accident free.
His many years have provide a wealth of experiences in project management including large & small scale. Higher education, private offices, hospitals, medical environments, government facilities and retail are some of the types of projects John has successfully managed.
He keeps updated on current industry trends including best practices in safety, management skills and product knowledge by attending educational seminars from trade groups and manufacturers. John has participated for many years in the local chapter of the Associated Builders & contractors (ABC) and received awards for outstanding flooring projects he managed.
His skills and responsibilities consist of customer & employee relations, manual and automated estimating, cost analysis, product recommendation, labor force scheduling and project coordination.
John’s hobbies and passions include Central American construction Missions, Africa support mission trips, Homeless shelter volunteer, Church volunteer & organizer, deep sea fishing cooking & gardening.
He is most proud of the continued support of clients and believes it stems from his deep desire to creating the best possible outcome. John proudly serves his clients, fellow man and employer with humility and integrity.


Puppy Playground

Puppies are a wonderful way to get through the winter blahs. Happy, energetic, and adorable…puppies can bring sunshine to any dreary day.

However, they can also wreak havoc on your flooring.

Here are some methods to aid in keeping your floors safe and your sanity intact.
Shaw flooring recommends the following procedures to remove pet urine on carpet.

Shaw Recommendations

Following these guidelines will definitely help preserve the life of the carpet. If you think you are going to get a puppy- it will help even more to install Shaw’s Life Happens Waterproof carpet in your puppy’s play area. Most puppies hang out in the family room with their best friends to play and run around.

With Life Happens carpet you do not need to worry about puppy accidents. This carpet innovation is a revolutionary protection that covers the entire product from face fiber to backing. This means that liquids are prevented from soaking in to the pad or subfloor. The carpet also combats odors within 30 minutes or less! Check out the website.

In addition, keep your puppy’s nails trimmed. This is a great way to get him comfortable with nail trimming and will protect your flooring. Keep food and water bowls somewhere that won’t damage the floor. Puppies tend to play in their water bowl so if it is on hardwood you will want to move it to another location. Utilize door mats and rugs so when your puppy comes in from the rain and snow, he doesn’t slide all over your floor leaving scratches.

Lastly, deter the puppy from chewing at carpet or furniture. Give him a chew toy or spray a no chew deterrent recommended by your local pet store.
Have fun with your puppy and remember that he will not be a puppy forever.


Wrapping Up The Holidays

After the family leaves and the tree is taken down…your house is left looking a little worn out.

Spruce up with these helpful tips…

  • Call a professional carpet cleaner and rejuvenate your soiled carpet. Opt for a deodorizer to freshen it up after family and pets have been cooped up in the cold weather.
  • Clean with vinegar! Vinegar and water will clean countertops, stainless steel, appliances, grout, and shower doors.
  • Buy Bona hardwood cleaner. When used with a dry mop, this product will erase the salt, snow, and paw prints.
  • Purge the presents. Don’t hang on to that sweater that is unwanted and nonreturnable. Donate! This will allow more living space and will encourage you to keep your house clean.
  • Go shopping! If you have a little holiday money left, use it to enhance your home. Need a fresh coat of paint or a new room of carpet? Nothing adds more value to your home than improving the looks of it.
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