HomelibrarywithbooksIf you are longing for a fresh, stylish, and clean house but are uncertain of a solution, then this article can help. Spring is the ideal time to achieve your desired home makeover. With the harshness of winter’s snow, ice, and salt… it is easy for any home to display signs of deterioration. By following these easy instructions, you will be on your way to remedy your room envy.

Your first step will be to start with just one room or area of your house. Take a look at the room top to bottom and make a list of items you would like to change. Sometimes just cleaning the grout in a bathroom or replacing an area rug is all that is needed. If you have hardwood flooring, dry mop it with the manufacturer recommended cleaner. Typically Bona hardwood cleaner works for most hardwoods and it is a great way to erase a winter’s wrath. Furniture pens are helpful to hide nicks and scratches in the hardwood floor as well. If you choose to vacuum the wood, make sure the beater bar is turned up or off. Have area rugs, carpets, and upholstered furniture professional cleaned.

De-cluttering a room is essential. Wooden trunks, fabric boxes, and wicker baskets can be a decorative method of storage. Another necessary phase is to rearrange the furniture. This not only allows you to clean those hidden spaces, but gives you a new perspective on how the space could look. If your room cannot be salvaged, then new flooring and paint are viable options!

These two treatments can transform any room. If you have several different types of flooring throughout the main level of your house then it may be time to replace it with all new hardwood flooring. The continuity of hardwood on the main level will update, enhance, and increase the value of your home. When selecting a hardwood floor, you will want to go with an updated look. Engineered hardwood in wide boards (5”-8”), distressed, and a matte finish are most popular now. They require little maintenance and conceal much more than the hardwood floors of the past. Today’s hardwood flooring are much more durable and safe for children and pets. Bringing your cabinet door in to the showroom will help in diagnosing a color and style.

There are endless possibilities to choose from. Take some recommended samples home and try them out as needed. You will feel much better in 2-3 weeks when the new floor is installed!



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