Area rug binding


Let's find out more about area rug binding

Binding is an essential part of the process when you choose custom rugs. You'll get to choose a style, fiber, color, and more, to get the look you want. It's part of what makes customizations so worth your while.

If you've never experienced a custom piece before, this is a great time to learn more about your options. Then, you can easily choose a great look, especially with professional consultation. Here are some area rug binding facts to help you start towards your perfect rugs.

What is carpet binding?

Carpet binding finishes a rug, so it doesn't unravel during use. This protects the longevity and performance of your rug so that it doesn't fail. But this is only part of what a good binding can do.

Bindings are also part of the visual appeal, primarily when you use color and fibers for the look you want. Using the perfect match can give you looks that will serve you for years. And if you choose a trendy look, it can keep your flooring in style longer.



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What kinds of carpet bindings are there?

A standard carpet binding uses binding tape or fabric to create a simple binding. In some cases, thicker bindings are designed to offer a specific look or match decor in a certain way. Depending on your decor scheme, they also draw the eye and lead to a focal point.

Serging is a binding that looks like hand-stitching but uses a machine for creation. These can also use specific colors to match or contrast the rug itself. It's a great way to create a more formal appearance, especially in living and sitting rooms.

Fringing is a carpet binding that leaves threads or fibers hanging loose. This ornamental look is perfect in rooms with low traffic or little need for cleaning. As with other binding types, you can use different colors to complement the rug.

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