Strolling across a beautiful, soft carpet is a luxurious feeling. It makes any room feel immediately more inviting.

Carpet provides comfort, quiet, and durability. It can also be one of the more affordable types of floor covering.

Carpet options

Whether you need a luxury patterned carpet for a more formal area, or a solid-color and texture carpet for a high traffic areas, we have something for you. We offer a wide variety of carpets from leading carpet brands. Choose from one of the Indianapolis area’s best selection of styles, colors, and price.

Worried about pets or kids on the carpet? Ask about our water resistant carpet! We can help you decide which product and warranty is best for your taste and your lifestyle.

Carpet fibers

Carpet fibers typically fall into three categories:

  • Nylon: Soft, durable, and resistant to stains and abrasions.
  • Polypropylene: Very durable, and while not quite as soft or stain resistant compared to nylon, it is budget-friendly.
  • Wool: A high-end option of naturally long-lasting material that is extremely soft.


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Custom area rugs

A custom area rug can provide an exquisite touch to any room. By covering only a portion of the flooring, the rug allows beauty of the hardwood, vinyl or tile to show while adding an extra design element to the mix. In addition, adding a rug will absorb sound and create warmth in your space.

Our design consultants can help you select the perfect pattern and material to complete your design. We will have it crafted to the exact dimensions you need.

Benefits of carpet

Quality carpets with good fibers and the right care can last for many years and look great. Ask us about products we carry that offer permanent, built-in stain protection.

Nothing beats the softness of carpet flooring – especially in areas like bedrooms and closets where bare feet can appreciate the texture.

The wide array of colors, textures, and patterns mean your carpeting can be tailored to complement any décor.

Noise reduction
Carpet provides great sound absorption, reducing echoes, and lowering the noise level of your home.
Luxury carpet in Fishers, IN from EF Marburger Fine Flooring

Get expert advice from the carpet professionals

Worried about pets or kids on the carpet? Or are you craving something soft and luxurious underfoot? Ask about our waterproof carpet!

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