Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring offers style, warmth, and value, adding an exquisite touch to any home — plus they are a great investment.

We offer both solid wood and engineered hardwood flooring in a wide variety of colors and styles. Let our design consultants help you decide which is best for your home or office.

Types of hardwood


Solid hardwood

Solid hardwood is made of solid wood throughout. It can be from any hardwood species of wood, such as oak, maple, or walnut. Solid wood planks can be sanded and refinished more times over their lifetime.

Engineered hardwood

Engineered hardwood is real wood, but has a plywood core with a wood veneer, which makes it structurally more stable than solid hardwood planks. The plywood core is more forgiving with fluctuations in humidity.

Engineered wood allows you to have a wider plank, which provides a different aesthetic. Typical solids offer you choices 2- to 4-inches in width; engineered planks can go up to 10 inches in width.

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Hardwood floor finishes

Finishes make a difference. You can greatly influence the look and feel of your wood flooring with the finish you select.

Factory finished
Wood planks covered with polyurethane or aluminum oxide to provide increased protection and bring out the beauty of the wood grain.

Oil rubbed
Wood finished with a mixture of wax and oil that, properly maintained, can last a lifetime.

Site finished
Refinishing services are performed on site.

Benefits of hardwood flooring

Wood is a hard, durable substance. It can be easily repaired or refinished, and can last for many, many years.

Low maintenance
A weekly sweep with a dry mop is all you need to keep your hardwood floors clean. Spills can be easily cleaned up with a quick wipe of the towel.

Wood plank flooring is easy to clean for dust, pollen, and pet dander, making it a good hypoallergenic flooring option.
Hardwood flooring in Fishers, IN from EF Marburger Fine Flooring

Get expert advice from the hardwood flooring professionals

Do you have a large dog that is part of your family? You might want to consider oil rubbed hardwood to accommodate those active paws.

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